Thursday, April 2, 2009

Numbers 23:23

Today, April 2nd, marks the death of Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code. Morse passed away in 1872.

On May 24th, 1844, Morse sent the first official message via telegraphy, to commemorate the opening to the line between the B&O Railroad Station in Baltimore and the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Since this is a blog about the material form Scripture takes in our world, and the interpretations that come from the various physical media in which Scripture is transmitted, it seemed fitting to mention this event, as Morse's first official transmission was Numbers 23:23 - "What hath God wrought?"

I find the implications of his choice intriguing. This was the first time Scripture was transmitted in electronic (or, at least, electric) form. This is the precursor to James Earl Jones reading the Scriptures aloud, or versions of the Bible online, and my favorite, of course) the GoBible iPod edition.

For the true nerds out there, here is the code of Numbers 23:23 in all its glory:

.-- .... .- - / .... .- - .... / --. --- -.. / .-- .-. --- ..- --. .... - ..--..

Di-dah-dah Di-di-di-dit Di-dah Dah, Di-di-di-dit Di-dah Dah Di-di-di-dit, Dah-dah-dit Dah-dah-dah Dah-di-dit, Di-dah-dah Di-dah-dit Dah-dah-dah Di-di-dah Dah-dah-dit Di-di-di-dit Dah Di-di-dah-dah-di-dit



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What I wanna know is, how come the NRSV ain't available on Kindle?

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