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Anjou Bible from Peeters

I just got an email about this, so I figured I would pass it on:

The Anjou Bible
NAPLES | 1340

The Anjou Bible, now kept in the Theology Faculty’s Maurits Sabbe Library of the University of Leuven (Belgium) is a superbly illuminated manuscript created at the Royal Court of Naples in the turbulent fourteenth century. At this time much of Central and Southern Europe was governed by the successful dynasty of Anjou, which continued to expand its territories and encouraged artists and writers like Giotto, Simone Martini, Boccaccio and Petrarch. In 1328, after the death of her father, Joanna of Anjou became the official heir to the prosperous Kingdom of Naples and Sicily. Several years later her grandfather, Robert I, gave Joanna and her young fiancĂ© Andrew of Hungary a precious gift, which became known as the Anjou Bible, a manuscript that is priceless from a historical and art-historical point of view. In addition to Bible texts and splendid miniatures, it contains a wealth of historical information about the house of Anjou and the book’s origins. One of the artists responsible for the magnificent painting was Cristophorus Orimina, the leading illuminator in Naples, who signed the work. The Anjou Bible has now been carefully conserved and studied: the research findings are brought together in this book. Essays by some of the most noted experts in the field describe how the arts were promoted at the court of Robert I of Anjou and also shed light on the Bible’s genesis and on all the research methods and results. This book is richly illustrated and contains all the illuminated folios of the Anjou Bible.

"By any definition, it is one of the supreme Bibles of the Gothic period."

Christopher de Hamel - Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Table of Contents
The Anjou Bible. A Masterpiece Revealed
• The Anjou Bible in the Context of Illustrated Bibles
John Lowden
• The Anjou Bible. A Treasure from the Maurits Sabbe Library in Leuven
Frans Gistelinck
• Patronage, Art, and the Anjou Bible in Angevin Naples (1266–1350)
Cathleen A. Fleck
• Painting and Miniatures in Naples. Cavallini, Giotto and the Portraits of King Robert
Alessandro Tomei, Stefania Paone
• The Politics of Art. Imaging Sovereignty in the Anjou Bible
Michelle M. Duran
• A Kingdom in Stone. Angevin Sculpture in Naples
Nicolas Bock
• Cristoforo Orimina. An Illuminator at the Angevin Court of Naples
Alessandra Perriccioli Saggese
• The Anjou Bible and the Biblia Vulgata Lovaniensis, 1547 / 1574
Luc Dequeker
• Arras College Library Leuven. The Academic Habitat of the Anjou Bible for Three Centuries
Pierre Delsaerdt
• Illuminating with Pen and Brush.
The Techniques of a Fourteenth-Century Neapolitan Illuminator Explored
Lieve Watteeuw, Marina Vanbos
• Quantitative Hyperspectral Study of the Anjou Bible
Roberto Padoan, Marvin E. Klein, Gerrit De Bruin,
Barnard J. Aalderink, Ted. A.G. Steemers
• Codicology of the Anjou Bible
Lieve Watteeuw
• Illuminated folios of the Anjou Bible
• Identification of the Illuminated Folios of the Anjou Bible
• Biographies of Robert i of Anjou and Joanna i
• Bibliography
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